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What does “X” signify to a Pirate?

“X” is the mark one makes when signing their name to the Ships Muster Log. It states that ye be in accord to be joinin the crew. (Most pirates can not read or write, herby ya sign with an “X”). It means you agree to the Ships Code, and you will hold up yer end of the contract

“X” is the Crossed Bones on the Black Flag. Telling all others to beware of yer gutsy and combative nature. A very good mind set to have while battling Cancer.

“X” Indicates on a map or Codex where treasure is to be found. All pirates know that getting to the “X” takes quite an adventure, but once reached, you have met your goal.



Thar be many types of treasure to be found on the Spanish Main, Here be me first tale to two very different adventures to be had:

THEE 3 “X”’s:  Prior to starting Radiation Treatments on me carcass, I was ordered down to the ships main deck, and introduced to the “PLANK” (more to come about this in future installments of this adventure). This be only a test run saith one of me two tortures. First they forced me to drink gallons of water, with nary a drop of rum, to fill me bowels. Then I was directed to lay on the Plank, on me back. Saith the first Torture, We be giving you 3 tattoos on yer carcass so that our machine can locate the 4 Golden Fudicials that have been buried in yer Prostate. Now I asked kindly, if maybe they could tattoo a Skull n Crossbones, but that request be denied.10404511_850375504996895_7663889609425462687_n

Later that night, once again back onboard me ship, with all the water drained from me bladder replaced by some good ol rum, I decided to go to the Rain Locker to scrub away this days grime. Low and Behold what do me wandering eyes see. “3” very large bright blue “X”s, One on me stomach, and on one each hip. Im a marked man!

CAPT’n LOG: The “X”s placed on my carcass will be used by the Radiation Machine to align my prostate up with the machine, and the Plank, as I will soon begin 45 days of Radiation Treatments. This alignment will ensure that only me Prostate and not various other organs in me carcass get radiated. A True Treasure, and vast improvement over the way it was done in days of old, leading to a quicker and healthier recovery.

CAPT’n SIDE NOTE: The days that I spent in the hospital during the POIZEN Episode, led to many questions by various doctors and nurses as they had not heard of this new procedure with the Gold Fudicials. Many a finger had to see for themselves the “3 Bright Blue “X”s on me carcass.


“X” marks the BOOTY