1 Year Later


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We have fought the battle, beating the dastardly Cancer Crisis, and now the journey continues with the upward climb seeking out the return to health. Looking back I can now clearly see the various courses I could have traveled on, but the key to unlocking this treasure (of Life) is the one I did partake of, and now relate to you; I call it the tale of


March in the Year of Our Lord 2015: Battered, Exhausted and in Turmoil. I slowly began to regain me strength, and repair the damage done by 6 months of being storm tossed. Just as storm clouds break to reveal a blue sky, I too began to see from what depths I had passed, sailin back into a safe harbor. My strength had been stolen from me, the specter of Death had come close, and had played a merry tune with my wellbeing. Now I had a new course to plot and 3 choices to make. I could just let the chips fall as they may, and sit in the boat and see what might happen, or begin to set things to right, overcome some of the other huge mountains of waves that still threatened to swamp me.

I chose to get out of the boat and fight.


Besides Cancer, I had 4 other Major Repairs that I needed to undertake to keep me ship afloat. They being, Obesity, Diabetes, Aute High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol.

I HATE exercise, and counting Calories is nothing but confusing. But my Sawbones kept repeating this mantra over and over again “Eat less, exercise more” So what’s a poor swab to do?

CAPT’Ns LOG: One day a friend told me about an App called “Loose It. On it you can log yer grub, (even scan the Bar Code) and it will post yer calories (Barnacles). It even helps you track yer tonnage, and tells ya a goal for eating proper, while losing even more barnacles. So I decided to give it a whirl and test the waters. 2 Months was the test period, and an amazingly 20 Lbs. of Ballast went over the side.



As the Barnacles were reduced, and the more Ballast went overboard, I began to feel a fresh surge of energy return. So what to do with this prize that was unexpected? I decided to channel it into another area, setting three (3) farfetched goals for me self. (1) to drop 60 Lbs. of Ballast over the side. (2) reduce the number of Barnacles that encumbered my hull, and (3) set a goal of riding a bicycle from Pittsburg to Washington Dc on the GAP Bike Trail, 1 year from now.

I stared exercising, Bought me self a $5.00 Yard Sale Bike, and started to pump the pedals. The first month, I racked up a meager 2 miles per week.


  • 8 months have now gone by, along with 55 Lbs. of excess Ballast. I have dropped my (calorie) Barnacle intake from 3,600 a day to slightly under 1,000. HUZZAH you say! But just like in the Infomercials seen on the tele, But Wait there is more:
  • Sugar levels have dropped to the point that I have stopped taking Insulin, and very rarely need any medication for Diabetes.
  • Blood Pressure levels have gone to normal
  • Cholesterol has gone to normal
  • I now ride 5 miles a day, and walk 1.
  • My garb hangs on me like a tattered sail with no wind. Time to go Pillaging.

CALLING ALL CAPTANS AND CREWS: Banning together as Brothers and Sisters of the Sea, we can exhort each other on to Victory. Captains One EyE Jack, Smilin Kenny, and Barbwire have already lost tonnage, and are on course for a successful cruise. I say to you, Get out of the boat, and Fight the waves. Start slow, Set Goals, and Enjoy Life.


Ah me Bucko, Life can be a grand Adventure!