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There be many a skill that a sailor must acquire during a passage. No; I not be talking about how pretty one can tie a knot, or how fast one can climb a line up to the topsail. Thar be practical every day skills that once acquired, makes the journey that much more pleasant. They be getting yer sea legs, so ye can walk about the ship without stumblin, Learnin not to be spittin into the wind, or coming to grips wth the age old first law of the sea “HOLD FAST”.untitled

HOLD FAST: two little 4 letter words, that can mean 2 things. Both are equally important in survival at sea.

The first definition simply means to bear down, grit it out, and stay the course. Life at sea can be hard, but when you put yer back to it, you can overcome all difficulties. It may not be easy, but it is survivable.

The second definition is unique to sailors. The ship be always moving as if its alive. One second the deck is below ya, the next its portside. In Storms its not be surprising to see a sailor walking on the bulkhead, simply because the deck in no longer beneath their feet


Up n Down, Sideways n topsy turvey, bumps and grinders. Many a poor bloke has been surprised when going down a ladder into a hatch, how quickly the deck can suddenly move and come up to smack ya a mighty wollop. A sailor quickly learns To Hold Fast; One Hand for the ship, one hand for yerself.

CAPT’N LOG: This be my 14th Blog Entry concerning this voyage in fighting Cancer, and my final with fighting Prostate Cancer.

My final destination is in sight. LAND HO!

If you read between the lines on my above writing, you can see valuable insights of what it took to reach Home Port. No magic pill.  I have been asked about the allegory of “One hand for the ship, One hand for yerself”. Simply this: one hand that you reach out to ensure your Doctors, Medication and Treatments are being effective, and the other hand bringing close and holding onto your Friends, Family and your personal relationship to the Lord Jesus.  Each persons voyage into Cancer is different, and I hope my wild imaginative tale has helped you in sailing yours.


Does this mean this is the end? HECK NO. We have just begun to Live, Love, and Blog. Now Pass the Rum.