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POIZEN in da Rum The barometer is quickly falling. Hurricane Gonzolo is loose off the coast of Hispaniola, steadily growing in strength, n headin our way. Single up all lines shouts the Bous’n, and raise the anchor. Slowly the ship swings into the wind and we get underway.


2 Days out:  Totally out of the blue ,and not expected, a malady begins to creep up on me. Not from the storm, but a sickness in me carcass that is causing great distress. .

It started out as just plain stomach cramps, quickly followed by 4 days of low grade fever and the lack of appetite. After 4 Days, I attempt to leave me cabin to take a stroll on deck, seeking some fresh air, hoping it will calm my innards. As I make me rounds, the ship and sky begin to spin, dropping me to the deck like a sack of Navy Beans.

Once again seeking medical help, we slip into port and locate a local hospital.  Finding ourselves beached, and confined to a hospital room. Over the next 4 days, I will be poked, prodded and flushed with medications of many elaborate concoctions. Tests, pills, and pain, I no longer care even if I am dressed in a gown that is open at the back for all the world to see me unmentionables.

Shipmate, sez the Leading Doc, I can describe to ya in all types of fancy Latin what you be experiencing, but let me make it plain…. YE HAVE BEEN POIZEN’D .


CAPT’Ns LOG: Lesson learned the hard way. When I had my last procedure, I was warned to look out for excess bleeding, but no other symptoms. What I should have done instead of trying to tough it thru, would have been to immediately contact my Primary Care Doctor. So if any of ye be experiencing something that seems to be not quite right, Don’t Wait. It has taken me 3 weeks to flush the poizen E.coli out of my system, where if I had promptly acted, my tribulations would not have lasted as long.

Many thanks to Doctor Chapla, Dr. Pendergrast, ( a Notre Dame Alumni) and Dr. Symeonides, Nurses; Diana, Lauren, Kathi, and Amanda, along with CNA Cassie. And the great team at Jess Parrish Hospital.

Hurricane Gonzolo has become a fish storm, and is heading quickly out to sea. My carcass be mending nicely, and me crew is anxious o resume out interrupted journey.


Next Week