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Imagine trying to sail n fight a ship by yerself. Even the mighty Capt’n Jack needed young Will Turner to cut out a ship, and all they did was flee from the British. So as I write me log, I will take this time to remark upon certain members of me crew and, the vital positions they fill in our muster.

As we neared the end of the “Marooned Period” of this adventure, a crew began to form. In the early stages, it was vitally important that this be just a small group, so that we could bind together in confidence, training, and comradery. Each member had to fit seamlessly, with no room for scallywags or Bilge Rats.


THE LANDLUBBERS: With the support of DR’s Chapla, Castro, and Bryant, along with their support teams of Maria, Sue, and ARNP Luker, they laid the keel and ribbing for our new ship that would carry us into the coming fray, CAPT’s NOTE: BZ to Maria for sorting out all the confusion caused by other Landlubbers and their Ilk.

THE QUARTERMASTERS: Many a ship has floundered and gone astray without someone to read and plot the charts. Our good ship was blessed with 2 such Quartermasters; Carol “Seeker” Wheatley, and Holly “Bubbles” Getz, both of whom would stand by me side, helping to keep the ships wheel steady, plotting our course on a wide range of subjects.

THE BOUSN: Tis the Bousn’s job to ensure the ship functions to its highest capability. Sails properly set, stays, not missed, all hands turned to. Many a time, I would find the Bousn with her starter in hand, with a firm grip on the task ahead. Bous’n; Rita Pritchet, City Councilwoman, College Professor, Fellow Pastor, and Friend.


NAVIGATOR: If’n ye can, find someone who has already experienced the same, or similar journey ye be on. Usually it will be some ol warf rat who’s sailin days are over. In our case we were able to find that particular qualification in someone who had a wee bit of water under the keel, but not long in tooth. Navigator; Sue “Pinky” Price a Brest Cancer Survivor.

FIRST MATE: “V J” Corbett, be our first mate, tis be her job to not only ensure to the smooth sailing of the ship, but to provide aid and comfort to the Capt’n in times of need. In other words hold my hand when I have to go to the Doc’s office to brave the needle, and to keep the Rum coming.

ABLE BODY SEAMAN: As we built the new ship, preparing her for the days ahead, I was blessed to have this small, highly skilled crew, that could be relied upon to respond to any situation at a moment’s notice. Gunners Mates; Debbie “Pawn Star” Clark, and Jackie “One eyed Jack” Foster, Carpenters; Ron “Gimpy” Mc Kuhen and “Davey Jones” White; Topsail Men: Robert “Thee Jamaican” Geoghagan ,”Mr. Smee” (Bruce) Foster. Rounding out the crew is our ships Parson: Dr. Larry Linkous.


Now we be ready to resume our journey. The ship be provisioned, a course plotted. Parley with shipmates of old inviting them to join the crew, and muster onboard, be concluded Then with a full crew, and visions of rum and treasure, we embark on the next leg of this journey, seeking what lies ahead.