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SHIPWRECKED & MAROONED (part 2)  //blog #4

Tis been 9 weeks that I have been cast adrift and then marooned on the Island called 10269528_10152513626444620_770311503562689227_nUncertainty.

Days passed where I rose to the great heights of the waves, only to crash down into their depths. Marooned on a wee island,  constantly scanning the horizon for either a sail, or land all to no avail.

So my journey continues, as I seek a plan in the battle for me life that I am in.

FEAR, surprisingly none. Knowing beyond a shadow of any doubt that my Lord has my life in His hands, and that He will see me thru to end, brings not only great comfort to me, but strengthens me for the battle yet to come.

SEEKING: Armed with just a smattering of knowledge that the good doctor bestowed upon me, I daily strive to increase my understanding of what I am faced with.

IMG_0006 (2)

CAPTAINS LOG: Dear reader, At first I didn’t even know what a prostate was or what it did. I was surprised to learn in Google what Its function was in my body. Next I began to research the various methods of cures that I had been informed about; going to online webb search engines like WebbDrMD. for treatments such as:

  • Radical Surgery (Sounds pretty radical to ne)
  • Robotic Surgery. (new fangled, but has its potential)
  • Radiation: (Hey I could glow in the dark)
  • Seeding: (sounded bazaar)
  • Hormones: (not even an option, I could just see me with hot flashes)
  • No Treatment. (hmmmmmm)

MIRAGES N FALSE HOPE: As with any great adventure, where there be treasure at45596_1175473805188_1778389647_320515_1377805_n the end of the hunt, There be many clues and false trails that have to be uncovered. I had to keep asking myself, Was I even asking the right questions? It was like finding a bottle of rum, only to find it full of seawater.

Tossed to and fro; First I would spy something on the horizon that had great promise, only to see it fade away, or find it surrounded by rocks that dashed all hope. Tis true, someone could have removed every obstacle that stood in me path, but then at the end of my time on the Island of Uncertainty, I doubt if I would have gained the understanding of the nature of the beast that stood before me.

It be noted; that as I journeyed from one Landlubber, and down each false path to the next, me crew took on an importance of great support and comfort.

Finally after 9 weeks, A sail appears and draws close.