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A GATHERING STORM: June 2014, I had received an all clear from my doctor, but something felt wrong. I was having trouble sleeping at night, getting up every hour on the hour to go to the head (bathroom).

admin-ajax.phpIn July the Doc decided it was time to break out the leeches again, and take even more blood. This time the results showed a hint of gathering storm clouds as my PSA level was slightly elevated.

Under orders to march smartly back to the lab, the Doc once again ordered up another round of bloodletting. The results: PSA levels had further inclined upwards.

Two weeks went by, the Doc handed me off to another sawbones, this time a specialist in Urology.

Another blood test.

GADS how much blood did these scallywags think I had in my body anyway? These results most certainly showed a beginning of a storm that was rapidly developing into something nasty heading my way.

The Doc said, “Shipmate; it looks like you got trouble in your bilges. your option, ignore it and see if the storm just phizzles out, or lets open up the hatch and send a finger probe up inside to see if something is rotten.”

To be continued.