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The morning of August 6th broke upon the horizon with a fiery red sky. Now most sailors know that old sailor adage, Red skies at night, sailors delight, red skies in the morning, sailor take warning. Bunk, thinks I, an Old Sailors folktale. The seas have nary a ripple on it, and the wind is calm.

Thus my day begins to start unraveling. The first hint was when I received a signal from our sister ship “Captain report Onboard.


The storm breaks

Having me boat crew row me over, I was met on the quarterdeck by the Doc’s Lollyboy. He beckoned for me to follow, and led me below to the sickbay.

I have here the results of all yer tests; said the Doc. Then he proceeded to show me a fine picture of all me bones, that clearly showed all the scars I have received in me many long years at sea.

Pointing to one area, he says, this here is new. Its cancer in yer bilges (prostrate).

Thar be 5 known ways to man on how you can be physicked back to health, sez he. Some will not work in yer case, and only 2 be recommended for ye. Either way you have a choice of how yer going to fight this battle that is now before you.

But there is one more thing I have to show ye, said the doc, There is this black spot on the bone of yer right leg. It could be nothing, or something.

My mind is racing, as me heart thumps loudly in me chest. What do you propose Doc?

Why sez he, I be sorry, but I am unable to treat ye any further as we do not have the equipment to repair your damage. You will have to seek help onshore with a landsman who specializes in these things.

Departing, I am rowed back to me ship, my mind in a dark gray fog, I can barely think, a storm is brewing. That evening with the wind picking up, and the seas developing deep rolling waves, our bilges leaking, and the water rising. Suddenly the ship slips its anchor and we rush toward a patch of rough water.1003152_298238623653570_1318282454_n

Striking something that is submerged , the ship careens over onto her side. What are we to do? Both the ship and I are now shipwrecked with no help in sight.

To be continued